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HowTo: Setup WD TV Live Streaming in Australia

December 22nd, 2012 No comments
The following are a few simple steps to setup a WD TV Live Streaming Player to access apps (e.g. Netflix, HuluPlus etc.) that are blocked in some overseas countries such as Australia.

  1. Subscribe to and following instructions described here:
  2. Power off the WD TV Live using the remote power button (red). Wait 10 secs and power back on again.
  3. Go to the Setup screen
  4. Select system->Reset Location, a U.S. based timezone should be selected automatically if unblock-us is setup correctly.
  5. Once the location has been reset correctly, you can adjust the timezone setting to match your location.
  6. Go to Services
  7. Confirm that you have HuluPlus, Netflix etc.
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